Thursday, 13 July 2017

what was lost

On Friday 3rd June 2016 I finished What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn, which I liked a lot.

I didn't expect to, as it seemed to have the disappearance and presumed murder of a child at the heart of it (it wasn't a book I'd picked up, but a book Bethan had and had read - in fact it was possibly me who gave it to her, among 'bonus' birthday/Christmas presents I give her, especially if I'm giving her something she can't open on the day). I like my crime cosier than that (although it didn't appear to be a crime novel; the two book awards and one nomination on the cover are probably the things that persuaded me to pick it for Bethan, though in the end I think I probably enjoyed it more than she did). But I enjoyed it despite that, and because that was only a part of it, and it was well put together and written and the ending impressed me.