Thursday, 6 July 2017

I love my choir

There are always interesting articles going around about the physical, mental and social benefits of being in a choir (here are four from the BBC, Cmuse, the Conversation, and the Guardian).

I believe these things are all true. The thing that took me most by surprise, though, was the emotional and in a way somewhat intimate connection you feel when you sing in harmony with other people. I don't think I felt it so much in bigger choirs, where you're singing in unison with your part, or even in a smaller four-part choir; but there's something special about singing in the folk choir in harmony with a small group of people (all or part of the choir), people singing different parts all around you and next to you. I think making an emotional contact with other human beings is generally thought to be a good thing (and while making a lovely harmonic sound to boot), and I should probably not be afraid of that.

In summary, I love my choir and people in it.

Right, back to the computer screen for another four hours...

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