Sunday, 2 July 2017

sharp's folk club in may with morris

On Tuesday 23rd May I went along to Sharp's Folk Club, along with a few others from Morris Folk Choir. We were planning a visit instead of a rehearsal, singing a couple of songs, but Michelle wasn't able to come in the end, which had an impact on how many came along, and our readiness to sing something. In the end we decided to give Chickens In The Garden a go, and it went okay, though I was playing the guitar (a decision only made once we'd got up to sing it) and I took it rather fast, but that may have helped.

Ginny, Tanja, Elise and I did do one of our small group songs, Little Birdie, and that went pretty well, I think, since we had the three parts of the harmony present. Then in the second half Ginny and I sang Sweet Nightingale, and that went pretty well too.