Tuesday, 11 July 2017

dead of night

After the church barbecue at Calum and Jan's on Saturday, in the evening when we got home we all watched one of the films from Bethan's Ealing box set - Dead of Night, a portmanteau horror film from 1945, most famous for the ventriloquist's dummy story.

I wondered how scary it was, with Maisie in mind, but it was only a PG, so we watched it, without permanent scarring it seemed. The dummy story was certainly the most unsettling, but all the stories, and the framing story, were pretty good, and the thing as a whole stood the test of time pretty well.

Interesting to see on the Wikipedia entry later that Martin Scorsese listed it in the 11 scariest films ever, and that the circular nature of the framing story - which ended as it began - inspired Fred Hoyle's steady state model of the universe.