Thursday, 6 July 2017

daylight music at union chapel; spies and spymasters walk

On Saturday 17th June, while Bethan went to London Zoo with the Brownies, Maisie and I went to Daylight Music at Union Chapel over lunchtime, then got the tube down to Piccadilly Circus where we went on a guided walk on the theme of spies and spymasters.

We saw three acts at Daylight Music: Ben McManus and Clara Delfina were an American-folky duo, who were fine but nothing special (I'm used to folk that good from the floor at folk clubs); Melissa Parmenter played slightly repetitive filmscore-type music on piano accompanied by cello, which I liked sufficiently that I bought the CD, Scandinavia, while they were still playing the first tune, in case it sold out (it was only £3, which helped to make the decision; they played the whole CD live); and neither of us were very keen on Louis Barabbas, a guitar-playing singer-songwriter who was quite deliberately 'a bit of a character', and I wasn't that keen on the songs or the delivery; as he was on last we were able to leave in the middle of it, which also helped to make sure to get to the walk in time. In fact we got there sufficiently early that we went to Waterstone's first.

It was a pretty hot day, and that partly contributed to starting the walk with about twenty and finishing with about ten; also I think there was a family with younger children, and I wonder if they had been expecting it to be a bit more James Bondy. I was expecting it to be a bit more of a longer history of spying, but in fact it was very much focussed on the story of the Cambridge Spies. Often on the themed walks you get plenty other information, but this one was pretty tightly focussed; though some of the locations seemed a bit insubstantial. It was an interesting story, though, and we went to a couple of streets in St James and Mayfair that I'd never been in, finishing at a Roman Catholic church and churchyard that I'd never seen.

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