Saturday, 6 May 2017

a quiet passion

On Tuesday 25th April I had the day off, as well as Bethan, and during the day we went to the Curzon Bloomsbury to see A Quiet Passion, about Emily Dickinson, which was pretty good, even though it was a Terence Davies film.

I'm not keen on Terence Davies's trademarks, like pans around nothing and close ups on people doing nothing (the archetypal scene is in The Long Day Closes, where the camera watches light moving across a pattern carpet as the boy listens to his mum singing in another room, which was doubtless autobiographically evocative but in a film was just tediously self-indulgent), but it was bearable. The dialogue and performances were deliberately mannered - the latter on the verge of just appearing to be bad acting in some cases, the former very literary and written - but once you bought into it and went with it it was fine. Definitely the kind of film that works better in a cinema, for concentration and immersion (the opposite end of the spectrum of films that need to be seen on the big screen because of spectacle). It would be interesting to know how historically accurate it was. Cynthia Nixon was good, and, as usual, made me think of Sharon Gordon.