Thursday, 27 April 2017

morris folk club - april

Bethan and Maisie came with me for some of Morris Folk Club on Tuesday evening, but left at eight without having heard me sing, lucky them.

By myself I sang Come By The Hills, Kishmul's Galley; Seth and I (with a rare outing for my guitar) sang Flower of Scotland; and our group sang Three Craws as one of the choir group songs. I think they all went fine.

As I said when I introduced Come By The Hills: when I was growing up I used to think it was a piece of sentimental nonsense about the place I'm from; it *is* a piece of sentimental nonsense about the place I'm from, but I'm more tolerant of sentimental nonsense than I used to be.

Kishmul's Galley would be better as a duet; maybe one day I'll rope somebody in. Like Come By The Hills, it's a Corries song I've sung at home forever, although I much prefer Kishmul's Galley. This is my beloved Corries version; I didn't sound like this.

Seth had suggested at the previous folk club that we do Flower of Scotland together. We had a couple of practices at choir rehearsals; I played my guitar to keep us on track, and once we found a good key it clicked in well. I was impressed at Seth's readiness to give it a go, being a new arrival to choir and not, I think, having done much in the way of singing in public since schooldays. The Morris Folk Club seems to be a place people feel safe in having a go, which is good.

I've sung Flower of Scotland only once myself before, unaccompanied, at Sharp's, giving it the gentle reflective approach of the original rather than the triumphal terracing monster it became. (It was fascinating to find, when I was looking for the first-released version to share with Seth (I had to email him an mp3 of mine in the end), this earlier, 1968 version of Flower of Scotland without the 'we can still rise now' third verse, which makes a lot of sense. As I said when I sang it at Sharp's, the words say 'we can still rise now' but the tune doesn't believe it. Tuesday's version was a typical guitar and unison singers version, in between the two.

Full setlist from the night here.