Friday, 14 April 2017

1 peter; 2 peter and jude

On Sunday 19th February I finished the IVP Tyndale commentary on 1 Peter by A F Walls (introduction) and A M Stibbs (notes). It wasn't great; one of the least satisfactory Tyndale commentaries I can remember reading. It felt a bit less analytical and a bit more sermony/daily-Bible-notesy than the series usually is. The current IVP Tyndale 1 Peter isn't the same book.

The introduction wasn't bad, though. I insert below a couple of images from it - a section saying 'It is not always realized how intensely - and how necessarily - the Christians of the early centuries were concerned with questions of authorship and apostolicity', and as regards the other, I'm not sure you'll ever see a footnote more graciously putting the boot in to a predecessor in the field ('Like so many of the original opinions of this patriarch of scholars, the case is put with such unction and charm that it seems almost boorish to ask for more evidence than he provides.')

On Thursday 13th April I finished Michael Green's IVP Tyndale commentary on 2 Peter and Jude. It was a solid, sensible little commentary; interestingly, it still seems to be the current one, though it's quite old (a lot of my IVP Tyndales - as these two - are picked up secondhand so are not the latest version); perhaps he revised it at some point along the way.

Both these commentaries, of course, read in relation to what we're studying in our house group Bible studies. (Next up, Romans; have a number of commentaries to choose from on the shelf already, not sure whether to go for John Murray's old one or FF Bruce's IVP Tyndale (also old); Tim Keller's done a more popular commentary on it recently, I have noticed.)

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