Sunday, 26 February 2017

a time to murder and create

On Saturday 25th February I finished A Time To Murder And Create, the first crime novel I've read by Lawrence Block. I enjoyed it, and I'll certainly seek out more by him.

Bethan had given it to me as a secondhand book present for our anniversary last year (we often give each other secondhand books as, or as part of, presents, particularly if we wouldn't have something physical to give on the day otherwise), and just picked pretty randomly as far as I can see (as they often are), other than being a crime novel. It was an American private detective one, quite old fashioned in style and structure (which I like), though being from the mid-70s it of course had the marvellous improvement upon older novels of being cruder. (To, of course, no benefit in general and to detriment as far as I was concerned. It seems to me that novels in the years post sexual/verbal/thematic liberation (esp 70s) often appear today to be overtly and grossly sexist, and in fact much more so than older fiction. It's interesting that's what we did with our liberation, or what our liberation revealed. This book - from the 70s - isn't a prime example of that, but it put me in mind of it.)


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