Friday, 13 January 2017

nice fish

On New Year's Eve we all got day seats for the matinee of Nice Fish, at the Harold Pinter Theatre. We all enjoyed it.

When I first saw Mark Rylance in the RSC Hamlet at the Barbican in ?1989, I knew he was a comic genius, and he's never let me down. He was the best Hamlet I will ever see; in fact I stopped going to see Hamlet for a while because of that knowledge - including, much to my regret, not seeing him doing Hamlet again at the Globe when he was the artistic director there.

(It was the first performance after him becoming a Sir in the New Year's Honours list was announced.)

He wrote the play, with Louis Jenkins or based on the latter's writings at least.

The rest of the cast were good too (Jim Lichtscheidl as the other lead, plus Raye Birk, Kayli Carter and Bob Davis; possibly all over from the US original; interestingly, couldn't find any of them on Twitter, where you can find almost all British actors on the London stage). And an interesting/clever set and puppet work.

Here's an interesting article in US paper Star Tribune, in advance of the original US run.

This is the programme, and the tickets: