Tuesday, 23 August 2016

what the composer was thinking about

'It matters enormously to the composer what he was thinking about when he wrote a particular work; but to no one else in the world does it matter one jot.'
- Ralph Vaughan Williams, in a letter, quoted in the September 2016 BBC Music magazine in an article about the 'meaning' of his Third Symphony

Thursday, 11 August 2016

jewish history museum

On Monday 25th July we went to the Jewish History Museum in Camden, which was well worth a visit. (We were thinking of museums in London we've never been to that we could go to, and this was near the top of our list.) We had a bag search even before we got into the building, as of course it is a potential terrorist target.

eynsford to shoreham

On Saturday 23rd July - the first day, essentially, of our week's holiday together at home in London - we got the train out from Elephant and Castle to Eynsford, walked to Shoreham (along the river valley essentially), and got the train back from there. We had looked at the train timetables/routes to see where we could go directly from Elephant & Castle station and do a station to station walk, and that looked pleasant on the map; we could have done two stations, Eynsford to Otford, but I'm glad we went for the more leisurely option. It was a warm, sunny day, and quite a few folk were out walking. We didn't go into anywhere we could have paid to go in - Lullingstone Roman villa or Lullingstone Castle, most notably - but we did pop into a lavender farm shop and had a little wander and a tea room stop in Shoreham (we'd taken meal deal lunches which we'd eaten by the river).

star trek beyond

On Friday 22nd July Maisie and I went to an afternoon showing of Star Trek Beyond at the Genesis Cinema. We both liked it. (We hadn't seen Into Darkness, the second of this reboot series, but of course it didn't matter.)

morris folk choir gig

On Monday 18 July we sang at the Shacklewell Community Choir's summer concert and barbecue. We just sang four or five sea songs, and they went pretty well. Our only proper gig so far this year, given Michelle's personal production of Joe, but the first I created a Songkick listing for. I felt a little underprepared, as I hadn't been sure I'd get along, but I got away with it.

(Since Facebook Events are getting less user-friendly for non-Facebook-users, I was looking for alternative places to list/advertise events, and Matt suggested this. Although Songkick itself is designed primarily for registered users, the artists and events listings do seem well visible to the general public. We had an artist page there already, since our Daylight Music concert had been listed by someone, but I was able to 'assume authority' for the artist page surprisingly easy.)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

ghostbusters; whitechapel art gallery; embankment summer market; hattie briggs

On Saturday 16 July we all went to the Genesis cinema in the morning to see the new version of Ghostbusters. We all enjoyed it. I saw the original when it came out, and possibly not since then, but my memory of it has always been that I didn't think it was as great as all that. And I'm absolutely sure that had I not been aware that there was a huge and unpleasant online fuss about this being an all-female remake, I wouldn't have given its all-femaleness a second thought.

Friday, 5 August 2016

twenty greatest symphonies

The September issue of the BBC Music magazine (to which I bought a sub with Tesco vouchers) has a Top 20 Symphonies list, voted for by 151 conductors. The list: