Monday, 21 November 2016

the mikado

On Monday 1 December 2014, while Year 6 were on a trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bethan and I went to see a small-cast production of The Mikado at the Charing Cross Theatre, with tickets which Hei Mun had got at an offer price for us. We enjoyed it a lot.

It was a lot better than the previous, larger-scale G&S productions I'd seen, which had made me think that G&S productions were more fun to be in than to watch. This was the first of the small-scale productions we've seen in the last couple of years, before all the Charles Court Opera ones, and we've seen a number of performers from this production in subsequent musicals, including CCO (though I don't think I had seen any of them before). This one doesn't seem to have been put on by a particular production company, just by the theatre itself. It was very well acted and sung; music provided by two pianos in front of the stage (as per my old school productions); the setting was a clothes shop/factory, for some reason (perhaps to locate it in Britain, as an Oriental goods shop, avoiding some cross-cultural issues). Of the things I particularly remember at this distance, Rebecca Caine was a rather good-looking Katisha, Jacob Chapman was a particularly haughty Pish-Tush (and I'm pretty sure I remember noticing - because I didn't get or read the programme until afterwards, if I remember rightly - that Pish-Tush's name wasn't actually mentioned in the opera), and Hugh Osborne was a rather good Ko-Ko (interestingly, both he and Sophie Rohan still use a production photo from this as their Twitter banner).

Cast: Rebecca Caine, Jacob Chapman, Leigh Coggins, Matthew Crowe, Andrew Dovaston, Mark Heenehan, Alyssa Martyn, Cassandra McCowan, Kayleigh McKnight, Hugh Osborne, Sophie Rohan, George Tebutt, Zac Wancke, Steve Watts, Josh Wylie.