Friday, 18 November 2016

the fifth column

On Monday 28 March we all went to the Southwark Playhouse with Hei Mun to see The Fifth Column. It wasn't great.

It was the London premiere of Ernest Hemingway's only full-length play, produced by Two's Company. It was interesting to see, but you could see why it hasn't endured, not being very well written as a play. It was interesting to the extent it was partly autobiographical and written at the time when he was in Spain as a journalist in the civil war. And it was well-performed and staged, given the limitations of the original material.

I haven't done a full review trawl, but the Evening Standard called it turgid. Here's a Guardian article on the background. And here's the Southwark Playhouse page about the production.

Cast: Elliot Brett, Elizabeth Jane Cassidy, Catherine Cusack, Simon Darwen, Alix Dunmore, Michael Edwards, James El-Sharawy, Sasha Frost, Carl Gilbey-McKenzie, Joshua Jacob, Harvey Steven Meneses, Michael Shelford, Stephen Ventura.