Monday, 21 November 2016

music for youth proms 2015

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 we went to the Royal Albert Hall (along with Laura) to see Maisie perform in the Music For Youth Proms 2015. (MFY page; RAH page.)

(Yes, I've reached a new layer in my archaeological dig into my pile of stuff to sort through.)

It ran Monday to Wednesday, and each night was a mixed bag of youth performers and youngish performers expected to appeal to young people. As one might expect, there was a range of enjoyment of the things in the mixed bag; and the audience was I suspect largely made up with people like us associated with performers.

Maisie was in 'Oval Learning Cluster Massed Ensemble'  performing a modern composition by Russell Hepplewhite (a choir of 400 children from 8 primary and 2 secondary schools, the programme says, with a small group of children acting out the story on the stage, the story being a centenary-related commemoration of Shackleton's first Antarctic voyage). We weren't that taken with the music, but were impressed that the children had learnt by heart what seemed to be quite a long piece with many parts.

We eventually picked out Maisie with the help of binoculars; I think it was Laura who picked her out first.

We were appropriately proud. Maisie hadn't given much indication of being enthusiastic about it beforehand, but seemed happy enough about it afterwards. It was I think the first notable thing she'd done with her new school.

As I remarked at the time, this meant that I became the only member of our family not to have performed at the Royal Albert Hall.