Thursday, 17 November 2016

morris folk choir at the village butty

On Saturday 17th September in the afternoon I was at The Village Butty at the River Lea and Middlesex Filter Beds with Morris Folk Choir, singing at an event called Cut Craft: practical workshops for life on the cut.

The Village Butty is a canal boat which serves as a community cafe/hall on the canal and runs various events. The afternoon's events were all on the towpath beside it, and it was very informal. We sang a few songs in a few sets, along with some random singalongs. It was went quite well, and I think most notable for the way it reflected the increasing confidence of people in the choir, as it was quite a small group of us but everyone seemed quite at ease with it, which I'm not sure would have been the case in my earlier days in the choir (when I'm sure I remember people feeling anxious and exposed if we had low numbers for an event). There weren't many people at the event altogether, but they seemed to enjoy it - we provided background accompaniment rather than singing to an attentive audience, but that was absolutely fine.

Of course I'll remember it most for trying to lead us in The Parting Glass - in response to a request - and completely blanking on what the second verse was. We had to abandon it, then had a go later when it came back. Mortified.