Friday, 18 November 2016

leighton house museum

On Monday 28 March - Easter Monday - we went to Leighton House Museum. We got the bus to the north side of Holland Park and walked down through the park - our first time there - with a stop at the surprisingly reasonably priced cafe for lunch (a cafe which had a Gill and an Epstein sculpture in it, which gives you an idea of the area).

We enjoyed the Leighton House Museum - a Victorian artist's specially-built house with an art collection in it - though we were disappointed that some of the usual material was not on display, making way for a temporary exhibition of pre-Raphaelite preparatory sketches on paper.

The best of those sketches was the one on the cover of the exhibition guide (King Pelles' Daughter Bearing the Vessel of the Sangreal, by Frederick Sandys); but on the whole we'd rather have seen the usual material. The building itself had some interiors well worth seeing, especially the entry fee wasn't small and it's unlikely we'll go back very soon.

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