Saturday, 26 November 2016

a christmas carol

On Monday 29 December 2014 we went to see a theatre production of A Christmas Carol at the Pleasance, near Caledonian Road. It was pretty good.

It being nearly two years ago, however, I can remember little about it, and the 4xA5pp b&w photocopy programme gives little away. All I can remember before checking is that I enjoyed it, it was funny, and there was an older cast member who seemed out of place in terms of his performance.

The production company was Let Them Call It Mischief (who, I see, are doing Dracula at the King's Head Theatre on Upper Street as I write). Their website still has a page for the production, with production photos, which might help the memory. Yes, a nice fringe production with little in the way of large-scale set but inventive use of small-scale set, props and costume elements, and lots of doubling.

Cast: Holly Blair, Claire Cartwright, Alyssa Noble, Elliot Ross, Robert Rowe, Maxwell Tyler, Benedict Waring.