Wednesday, 30 November 2016

the hound of death

On Thursday 18th August I finished The Hound of Death, a short story collection from 1933 by Agatha Christie, which was okay.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

impressionable teenagers

You only describe teenagers as 'impressionable' when they are being taught something you disagree with.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

On Friday 4th November I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J K Rowling, which was not bad.

virago documentary

I watched an interesting documentary on Virago (the publisher of books by women, predominantly, founded in 1973) which I'd recorded some time ago on BBC4. Three interesting unconnected things:

- One of their early senior staff members said that they published twelve books in their first year, and they were asked in a press conference, 'How are you going to find enough books for next year?'

- There are no on-screen misprints more annoying than those in documentaries about books. Very careless.

- In the section covering the serious disagreement among top-level management at one point about which larger publisher to sell the business to (although the clip doesn't necessarily indicate she was specifically talking about this instance), Margaret Atwood said, 'I had a background in small publishing myself, and the smaller the cheese, the more ferocious the mice.' Which I thought was brilliant, and applies to so many contexts, not least church; I did a Google and it didn't come up as a frequently-used expression, so it may be an Atwood original. Or something only Canadians say.

our spoons came from woolworths

On Saturday 11th May I stayed up late and finished reading Our Spoons Came From Woolworths by Barbara Comyns. I didn't like it at all - miserable events, horrible people, simpleton narration.

a christmas carol

On Monday 29 December 2014 we went to see a theatre production of A Christmas Carol at the Pleasance, near Caledonian Road. It was pretty good.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

the magic flute

On Saturday 19th November we all went with Hei Mun to Jackson's Lane Theatre for a matinee of The Magic Flute by Hampstead Garden Opera, which we all enjoyed.

morris folk club - november

On Tuesday - a week earlier than expected, for double booking reasons - it was November's Morris Folk Club. Running the risk of outstaying my welcome, I was up four times, but they all went fine I think.

Monday, 21 November 2016

the mikado

On Monday 1 December 2014, while Year 6 were on a trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bethan and I went to see a small-cast production of The Mikado at the Charing Cross Theatre, with tickets which Hei Mun had got at an offer price for us. We enjoyed it a lot.

music for youth proms 2015

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 we went to the Royal Albert Hall (along with Laura) to see Maisie perform in the Music For Youth Proms 2015. (MFY page; RAH page.)

(Yes, I've reached a new layer in my archaeological dig into my pile of stuff to sort through.)

Friday, 18 November 2016

the fifth column

On Monday 28 March we all went to the Southwark Playhouse with Hei Mun to see The Fifth Column. It wasn't great.

leighton house museum

On Monday 28 March - Easter Monday - we went to Leighton House Museum. We got the bus to the north side of Holland Park and walked down through the park - our first time there - with a stop at the surprisingly reasonably priced cafe for lunch (a cafe which had a Gill and an Epstein sculpture in it, which gives you an idea of the area).

the comedy about a bank robbery

On Saturday 23rd April we all went to the evening performance of The Comedy About A Bank Robbery at the Criterion Theatre, by the same people who did The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong. It was okay, but not nearly as good as those others.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

morris folk choir at the village butty

On Saturday 17th September in the afternoon I was at The Village Butty at the River Lea and Middlesex Filter Beds with Morris Folk Choir, singing at an event called Cut Craft: practical workshops for life on the cut.

the silver pigs

On Saturday 10th September I finished The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis. It was just okay. I'd picked up the first three at the Trinity Square bookstall recently, and got 2 and 3 in case I enjoyed the first one, as they were only 50p. Nos 2 and 3 will be going into the charity bag, unread.

the year of reading dangerously

On Monday 18 July I finished reading The Year Of Reading Dangerously, by Andy Miller, which I enjoyed.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

answer d: I don't know, but it's complicated

A friend asked on Twitter (over two tweets) yesterday, 'will those "Christians" who doggedly pursue wicked modes of thought in the name of Christ be forgiven - given they think themselves right, therefore will never seek forgiveness?!'

I said (over three tweets), 'ah, this is the sort of question twitter was made for. Some answers. a: I don't know. b: "Can"? I'd say yes (but see a). c: "Will?" I'd say it depends (but see a). When I have regained possession of the laptop and the house is abed I may take a longer run at it.'

Sunday, 6 November 2016

a midsummer night's dream

On Saturday 19th June, while Bethan was at a brownies afternoon out in Greenwich, Maisie and I went to the Southwark Playhouse for the matinee of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which we both enjoyed.

through the mill

On Saturday 9 July I  went, at the last minute, to the Southwark Playhouse to see Through The Mill, a new play about Judy Garland. It was very well done.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

marva and iolanta

In between Wonderful Town and Side Show, I went to the opera: on Wednesday 2nd November Bethan and I went to the Guildhall School Theatre to see an opera double bill, Stravinsky's Marva and Tchaikovsky's Iolanta, which we both enjoyed.

wonderful town

On Friday 28th October we all (with granny) went up to Ye Olde Rose and Crown in Walthamstow with Hei Mun to see Wonderful Town, another All Star Production. It was very good.

side show

On Friday 4th November Maisie and I went with Hei Mun to the Southwark Playhouse to see Side Show, which was not bad.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

a post about a poem about a foghorn

This morning a friend inadvertently dredged up a memory of a poem I wrote at university (brace yourselves...).

The key idea in it was that the sound of a distant foghorn echoing through the mist was beautiful, romantic, atmospheric, soft, long and rolling; but if you actually stood beside a foghorn it was loud, short, ugly and rather terrifying (I don't think I used those exact words). And - though I don't remember to what extent I spelled this out - this could be a metaphor for the difference between what you thought having a girlfriend would be like and what actually having a girlfriend might be like. (I was, of course, very familiar with the former, not at all familiar with the latter.) This was not meant to be a humorous poem, by the way.

Oh, teenage self, you could be so miserable, you do make me laugh sometimes.