Saturday, 29 October 2016


On Friday 28th October, in the afternoon before going out, we (with granny) watched Tracks, a film which Maisie had bought in a charity shop a few months ago, and which turned out to be a good choice of Maisie's. It was based on the true story of a woman trekking by herself with camels and dog through a long stretch of Australian desert. It was quite well done. It reminded me of the kind of film I used to go to see in my first few years in London, the kind of independent/niche/arthouse film which would be in a few select screens in London and not make it significantly beyond London, some of which were not very good but many of which were well worth seeing and made you glad to be in London. If we have an evening out now, however, we're much more likely to go to live entertainment, as the cinema is so expensive (and DVDs are so cheap, second-hand or in Fopp).