Monday, 3 October 2016

tooting folk club - tim jones and the dark lanterns

On Saturday 1st October I went down to the Tooting Folk Club (in The Selkirk pub, near Tooting Broadway) to see Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns. A bit unfair asking them to follow The Beatles, whose live documentary I'd watched in the cinema that afternoon. I'd seen them in full performance before at the CD launch, when Morris joined in with St Giles Bowl, but they're a smaller band at the moment - Tim, Ted Kemp (on concertina) and Karen Phillips (on fiddle). Tim and the band went down very well, deservedly so; Karen soldiered through the second set with just three strings.

They had floor singers, and I sang twice - Making Time in the first half (my version of one of Tim's songs; as I said on the night, I gave it a happy ending), and Twa Corbies in the second; they went fine. The floor performers were pretty good on the whole, with the best being Laura Smyth; I'll definitely try to hear her again, as she and her partner Ted (in the band) perform together.

Ginny and I were the only ones who made it along, but it's more in our neck of the woods. There were several others there I recognised from The Goose Is Out (which I've still only been to that once, for Kerry Andrew/You Are Wolf), and one I recognised from Court Sessions. In fact, halfway through the evening, having been saying that I'd never been there before, I began to suspect that I had (although the room was much changed from then); and looking back at this blog when I got home I saw that I had been there several years ago when Court Sessions was there; I think I've been to Court Sessions three times, and every time in a different venue. Court Sessions is in Wandsworth now; and it's clear from the Tooting Folk Club website that despite this coincidence of the room TFC are not connected with CS, being run by different people and having started in October 2012.

Thirty or forty minutes door to door (so although it finished around half eleven I was home just after midnight, even with a stop off to get chips at the Kennington Fish Bar); I'll definitely be likely to go back. I'd like to go back to The Goose Is Out too (and one of the folk recognised me from my previous visit, and I said I'd always meant to go back there), which, like this one, had a good, friendly atmosphere and some pretty good performers.