Friday, 14 October 2016


On Monday 1 August we all went in the evening, with Lientjie and Mary, to the Charing Cross Theatre to see Titanic. Well all enjoyed it, I think.

We were sitting in the small left-hand-side balcony, which is interesting because you're sitting in a single row facing the stage, one behind the other. I'd never sat up there, but it was quite good (though described as a limited view).

I didn't know much about it, so I wasn't sure what the set-up was, though I knew it wasn't like a stage version of the Titanic film. In fact, it was quite a thoughtful, factual approach, looking at the interaction of owner, engineer and captain, and the crew and classes of passenger; it was well done. As usual these days, we'd seen two or three of them in other musical productions in recent years.

Like In The Heights, they used a framework on wheels - in this case in the form of stairs - for staging and performing interest, though unlike In The Heights they already had an upper level at the back of the set.

The music and lyrics were by Maury Yeston, who had done Grand Hotel, which I wasn't that keen on - archetypal modern musical lack of non-linearness (ie lacking proper tunes with traditionally metred verses and choruses, to my mind; not proper songs, in other words) - but I found these more songlike.

At the end they lowered a curtain which listed the names of all those who died, like a memorial wall, which was quite striking, and we stayed and looked at that for a while too.