Monday, 17 October 2016

the woman in black; star trek into darkness

On Saturday 15th October Maisie and I started but abandoned The Woman In Black, and watched Star Trek Into Darkness - two DVDs we'd got from the library in a two for one, £1 for a week, rental (that afternoon, on the way home from Draughts, the board game cafe).

Having just finished the book, from the school library, and having seen the play, Maisie was keen to watch the film. I wasn't sure, remembering that it was said to be pretty scary for a 12 (and that too many parents had let their young Harry-Potter-loving children go to see it carelessly), but was prepared to give it a go, in a cinema at home double bill with Star Trek Into Darkness (my choice).

We watched about forty minutes of it, but it was indeed quite scary, as anticipated, and it was clear that Maisie wasn't enjoying it that much, so I reassured her that there was no need to persist in watching it if she didn't want to, so we stopped. It was very well made and well done; it was certainly shaping up to be a good film, if you like that kind of film; but it just wasn't the film for Maisie. Or, really, for me; I'm not much of a one for scary films myself, and I won't bother finish watching it by myself (which I might have done with another film).

(Here is an interesting case study article on the BBFC website about the classification decision in relation to The Woman In Black, which Maisie found when we were deciding to stop watching it.)

So we had some supper, then watched Star Trek Into Darkness, and enjoyed that in a straightforward science fiction way. It was good, but not very demanding; earlier this year we saw at the cinema the film which came after it in the series, but this misordering impaired our enjoyment of neither film.