Saturday, 29 October 2016

tate britain

On Wednesday 26th October we all (with granny) went to Tate Britain, the first time in years I've been there, and the first time since their big rehang two or three years ago, which took the apparently radical approach of putting the main collection into chronological, which seems obvious and sensible.

I enjoyed in particular seeing the Pre-Raphaelites again, of which they have quite a collection, including some that I used to have postcards of. I was the kind of student boy whose pin-up of choice was Pre-Raphaelite postcards. This will be to no one's surprise.

I thought the information panels could have been more informative; they were quite good on biographical info on artist and info on subject, but little on styles, techniques, details etc of the artworks themselves. The frames were also fascinating, and I'd be interested to know something about the history of the framing of the paintings, such as whether the painting had always been associated with that frame.

I was again reminded of the racket of modern art, as we got into the twentieth century. I got the impression that if you weren't any good at art you could still make it as an artist if you had friends who were artists or especially art critics, who could explain why your lack of ability to draw with depth, perspective or anything above childlike naivety was an artistic statement or genre - and lucky you, to have such friends, unlike the thousands of others who painted as badly as you did but had no such friends.