Thursday, 27 October 2016

morris folk club - october

It was Morris Folk Club on Tuesday. It being half term, and my mother being down, we all went.

I sang April Morn and A Sailor's Life, which went fine.

April Morn from the Trio Threlfall's version. April Morn is one of the million variations on Early One Morning. Whenever I think of Early One Morning I think of Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do Ave Em; he sang it, and the association has stuck for ever.

A Sailor's Life from the Fairport Convention version. I did my best to avoid just doing an awful attempted copying of Sandy Denny (which I could have done, with all the long notes and grace notes badly rendered, having sung along with it a million times), by singing it more simply; reducing the number of long notes and grace notes; I was worried it might be a bit bitty, with more space between the lines and phrases than I usually have (partly because of singing it more simply, partly because the Fairport version I know is like that, quite spread out, but Michelle particularly remarked on liking the space in it, which I will bear in mind).

I also sang The Wagoner's Lad in a duet with Tanja, from the Kossoy Sisters' version, which went rather well I thought. I do like singing harmony with others; the choir sang one of theirs, What Will We Do With The Baby-O, and Tanja sang/played at least one more at folk club, so I'd suggested that we could do one together, and that's what we went for.

Best of all, however, was persuading my mother to sing. I haven't heard her sing in public for many years. She sang Milleadh nam Bràithrean, beautifully of course, and to general acclaim. Proud son.

(Full setlist here, on this new page I've set up on the Morris choir's website to save all the setlists.)