Friday, 7 October 2016


We went to Dubai for February half-term - flew out on Monday 15 February, flew back on Sunday 21st February - to visit friends. It was good to see them.

I didn't take to Dubai much. My favourite thing about it was probably that when we were up the Burj Khalifa, the very tall building, there was a hailstorm, most unusually, and the clouds and light made the view look post-apocalyptic or like an alien planet, with the tall city strip bounded by desert on one side and sea on the other. I also enjoyed going inland, through the desert, to the oasis town that had been there for a long time.

A striking thing about Dubai is that it isn't even based on oil money, it seems, though it is backed by oil money. The whole thing feels like a massive confidence... not trick, but exploit.

Dubai is like a place where the class system has been made visible by having the classes of different national/ethnic groups, broadly speaking.

In the souks, the first guess we tended to get from stallholders as to our nationality was German. Our friend Yolandie said she tended to get Russian.