Monday, 17 October 2016


On Monday 8th August we all went, with Lientjie, to see Allegro at the Southwark Playhouse. It was okay.

It was less good than one might expect the third Rodgers & Hammerstein musical to be, when their first five musicals were Oklahoma!, Carousel, Allegro, South Pacific, and The King And I. But it was considered quite unusual/experimental for its time (1947), and had a mixed critical reception, to the extent that this was the professional European premiere.

It was well performed (since we've seen quite a number of off-West-End musicals in the last few years, we had seen some of the folk before (including Cassandra McCowan in two G&S, especially good as Mad Margaret in Ruddigore), but I don't remember anyone as standing out especially), and the music and everything was fine, but the story seemed rather lacklustre, I guess. It was our third fringe musical in quick succession - after In The Heights and Titanic - to use a movable frame; like the former, it was a traverse production with little or no set in the middle.