Thursday, 29 September 2016

morris folk club - july, august and september

On Tuesday 26 July - after we all had a day walking from Kingston to Richmond, along the river - I went to Morris Folk Club (full setlist here). I sang I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now (which I know from Jimmy Rodgers, and which involves yodelling, but I got everyone to join in with that, so no one is innocent) and Wallet (the Regina Spektor song). Re the latter, as I said at the time, if a song that mentions an industry from days gone by is a folk song, then this is a folk song; the industry in this case being video rental shops.

We got back from Greenbelt on Tuesday 30th August in the afternoon, and in the evening I went to the Morris Folk Club (full setlist here). I sang Derwentwater's Farewell and (in tribute to my first experience at a music festival) The Rutles' Nevertheless.

My introduction to Nevertheless was, inevitably, longer than the song itself. I love Nevertheless, though it doesn't exactly represent my world view, but that's true of many folk songs; and if you had to precede them all with a disclaimer then in the preceding week alone I'd also have had to say that I am not committed to the restoration of the Stuarts to the throne, I have not lent my wife to someone for an hour and a day, I am not in fact dead, and I do not fear dying an old maid in a garret.

At the September Morris Folk Club, on Tuesday 27th (full setlist here), I sang Good King Wenceslas (hey, it's clearly a folk song, and a good song's a good song any time of year, no?) and Randy Newman's Losing You. I didn't tell the story of the inspiration for the latter, as it's a powerful story that would overwhelm my singing of the song, but here's Randy telling it.

I think I did alright on each of the nights.