Friday, 16 September 2016

a day in town; lincoln

On Friday 5th August Maisie and I went into town. We went to the Photographers Gallery (my first time in its new location, just south-east of Oxford Circus), in the morning so we got in free. They had an interesting Terence Donovan exhibition on. We had a Costa lunch, then went over to the Handel and Hendrix House Museum, which was less busy and more interesting than I expected, and did give you a sense of the home surroundings of both of those musicians. We began meandering down, and hit the back of Sotheby's, which had a big sign about the Bowie Collector exhibition, which I'd forgotten about - they were auctioning off his art collection, and you could go in for free to see some of it in advance of the auction. So in we went, and it was interesting to see; he'd made some good purchases.

Then in the evening we all watched the Spielberg/Day-Lewis film, Lincoln, which I enjoyed a lot, and certainly more than my compadres. It was a wordy history lesson, but I was up for that.