Thursday, 11 August 2016

morris folk choir gig

On Monday 18 July we sang at the Shacklewell Community Choir's summer concert and barbecue. We just sang four or five sea songs, and they went pretty well. Our only proper gig so far this year, given Michelle's personal production of Joe, but the first I created a Songkick listing for. I felt a little underprepared, as I hadn't been sure I'd get along, but I got away with it.

(Since Facebook Events are getting less user-friendly for non-Facebook-users, I was looking for alternative places to list/advertise events, and Matt suggested this. Although Songkick itself is designed primarily for registered users, the artists and events listings do seem well visible to the general public. We had an artist page there already, since our Daylight Music concert had been listed by someone, but I was able to 'assume authority' for the artist page surprisingly easy.)