Thursday, 11 August 2016

jewish history museum

On Monday 25th July we went to the Jewish History Museum in Camden, which was well worth a visit. (We were thinking of museums in London we've never been to that we could go to, and this was near the top of our list.) We had a bag search even before we got into the building, as of course it is a potential terrorist target.

It seems quite a new museum, or at least newly done up. The two permanent sections were on the Jewish faith in general and on the history of the Jews in Britain (which of course was to a large extent Jews in London, so quite a bit of London history there too), both areas of interest to us.

And then the temporary exhibition was relating to Jewish people and recorded music - which turned out not to be the history of 20th century popular music I'd expected, but a small section of old record players of various kinds (Jewish manufacturers) and then a large display of old album covers of various genres through the decades (Jewish artists), and which was interesting in its own way; light on information, but fascinating album covers.

We had lunch there too, though sadly the bagels were off the menu that day.

When we finished there, we walked along the canal down to King's Cross, ate at Yo Sushi in St Pancras, then went to In The Heights at the King's Cross Theatre... (see later post)