Tuesday, 9 August 2016

ghostbusters; whitechapel art gallery; embankment summer market; hattie briggs

On Saturday 16 July we all went to the Genesis cinema in the morning to see the new version of Ghostbusters. We all enjoyed it. I saw the original when it came out, and possibly not since then, but my memory of it has always been that I didn't think it was as great as all that. And I'm absolutely sure that had I not been aware that there was a huge and unpleasant online fuss about this being an all-female remake, I wouldn't have given its all-femaleness a second thought.

After lunch at Nando's we went along to the Whitechapel Art Gallery, my first time there ever. It's all temporary exhibitions, and the ones there on this occasion were all modern art, ranging from unremarkable to rubbish. We all enjoyed it rather less than Ghostbusters. In one room I said, 'The information panel said this artist took up painting as her sculpture wasn't being properly appreciated because she was a woman.' Maisie said, 'I think we all know the *real* reason.'

Then we got the tube along to Embankment, where we went to the Embankment Summer Market in Embankment Gardens, which was mostly craft and food stalls (Bethan got some jewellery, Maisie got some fake nails), plus live music on the stage there. I saw the end of someone unremarkable, and the start of someone else unremarkable, but in between I saw all of a short set by Hattie Briggs, who was really rather good - a different class, worth seeking out further. Rich voice, good songs, folky. Later it struck me that she looked rather like Jenna Coleman, who played Doctor Who's most recent companion, which won't hinder her chances of success I'm sure.