Saturday, 2 July 2016

twilight: eclipse

On Wednesday afternoon, Maisie having got back from school early after sports day, we watched the third Twilight film, Eclipse. It was okay, like the others - I've had to watch far worse.

It reminded me how negatively some people viewed the 'no sex before marriage' element of the plot line in the series; not just in the sense that people found it ridiculous, but that they found it offensive and propaganda-ish, as if whatever part of a per cent of films and books which presented positively - or at least sympathetically - people who took this approach was not in fact representative of the views of a much larger percentage of society.

I noticed something very similar happening in relation to both Juno and Knocked Up, films which were viewed by some as conveying a dangerously anti-abortion message because they had the temerity to depict single women who had unplanned pregnancies which they did not decide to terminate. Again, that 'choice' of the two is in my experience not very often represented in books or films.