Thursday, 30 June 2016

morris folk club - june

At Morris Folk Club last night (full setlist here) I sang two short songs of hope and friendship together, Dear Friends and The Way Old Friends Do. I didn't *immediately* say they were by Queen and Abba respectively, but I like to think they didn't sound out of place in a folk club.

In the second half I reverted to folk club type and sang The Haughs O' Cromdale, very much not a song of hope and friendship. I know it from the Corries, of course, and can still remember talking to Ivor about it in Bayble School; I liked it not least because it mentioned my surname, which is the kind of thing that appeals to small boys, as well as being a song about two battles, of course.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

key largo

This evening we all watched Key Largo on DVD, with Humphrey Bogart, Edward G Robinson and Lauren Bacall (and Claire Trevor, winning the 1948 best supporting actress Oscar). I'd seen it before, many years ago, and it was as good as I remembered it, and we all enjoyed it. Continuing my campaign of watching ancient films with the younger generation (becauses they're great, and because I think that so many classic old adult films are more suitable (in quality and worldview) for children her age than a lot of films made for children her age today); she likes some more than others.

Friday, 17 June 2016

the listerdale mystery

On Sunday 5th June I finished The Listerdale Mystery by Agatha Christie. It's a pretty good short story collection; I thought I hadn't read it before, but realised pretty quickly that I had, so I whizzed through it somewhat.

morning glory

On Wednesday 8th June we all watched Morning Glory, a 1933 film for which Katharine Hepburn won her first Oscar. It was quite good, and quite interesting.

speaker for the dead

On Saturday 30th April I finished Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card. I enjoyed it; an interesting and thoughtful novel.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

sharp's in may

On Tuesday 24th May we didn't have a Morris Folk Choir rehearsal, but instead went along to the singers night at Sharp's Folk Club in Cecil Sharp House. About a dozen of us went, and half a dozen of us sang - Tim, Jen, Brian, Tanja & I, Mark, Tim & Jen, and I.

Monday, 6 June 2016

rosalind russell meets winston churchill in 1938

I put on my long white gloves and off I sailed [to a dinner at the American Embassy in London, in 1938]. The Kennedys were charming to me, and during the cocktail period (we weren't really given cocktails, only a glass of sherry apiece) Rose Kennedy brought a cherubic-looking gentleman over to meet me and said he would be my dinner partner. She introduced him as a Mr Churchill, there was no Sir Winston about it. In fact, Churchill wasn't much in favor then. When people looked at him they tended to have this "remember the Dardanelles" expression on their faces.