Friday, 1 April 2016

Morris folk club in March

Another Morris Folk Club, on Tuesday. I sang Angel Band (I thought I should learn a Christian song, it having just been Easter; I know surprisingly few; I just learnt it over the weekend, but it's short and I was pretty familiar with it anyway, from the Stanley Brothers' version known from O Brother Where Art Thou) and April Come She Will (it's been on my 'ready to sing' list for so long, I thought I'd better take the plunge; the pitching was the main thing that put me off, not sure whether to go high with Art and if I did whether I'd get enough volume and nervelessness; I got away with it, more or less).

And Tanja, Ginny and I sang a three-part Parting Glass (based on the Voice Squad version), which I thought went rather well (though of course happily for me I could hear Tanja and Ginny better than I could hear myself). We had done it as a small group for the drinking songs concert, with a number on the tune and Ginny and I doing a harmony each. Tanja suggested doing it at the rehearsal the previous Tuesday, but Ginny wasn't there; Ginny was up for giving it a go, and we just had a quick practice before the folk club got under way.

Full running order here.