Friday, 8 April 2016

egyptology exhibition at two temple place

On Thursday 7th April Maisie and I went to Two Temple Place to see a free exhibition of Egyptian archaeological finds, Beyond Beauty: Transforming The Body In Ancient Egypt. It was an interesting exhibition, and an equally interesting building.

I think it was just this time last year I first became aware of Two Temple Place, but not in time to visit it then: for the last few years it has been opening to the public in the spring for a free exhibition, then closed the rest of the year. It seems to be usually exhibitions drawing together material on a theme from a number of provincial museums. The building itself is owned and run by a trust, and is a grand Victorian house, with fine wooden panelling, windows, tiling and staircases.

The Egyptology exhibition was interesting. My favourite thing, oddly enough, was a photo of Hilda Petrie climbing down a rope ladder into an excavation, which struck me as classically sculptural. Had a look online just now, and here it is!