Saturday, 2 April 2016

eddie the eagle

On Friday 1 April Maisie and I saw Eddie The Eagle at the Genesis cinema. I thought it was quite charming and appropriately low-key. It did make me wonder to what extent the story was the true story; it was quite black and white particularly in the opposition and disapproval, and a quick look online suggests that of course the story wasn't quite as depicted, but if you accept that and go with the feel-good triumph over adversity cliches, it's good. The central performance in particular was I thought pitched just right, charming, unassuming but determined; an impressive spread of good actors through the cast too; it's funny in that it feels like a small British film (in a good way) but has a big hitter like Hugh Jackman in a lead role (and Christopher Walken, though in a much smaller role), but that doesn't unbalance it.