Saturday, 9 April 2016

coping with change

Last night I finished reading Coping With Change, a commentary on Ecclesiastes by Walter C Kaiser Jr (published by CFP, a one-off rather than part of a series). It was fine, but a bit heavy going - I didn't really get much from it as a read. It might be more useful to refer to for info on particular verses or issues, although it was presented more as a commentary you could read through (and I have got more from commentaries which you aren't supposed to read through, like the Tyndale ones). A little disappointing, therefore, but just might not have been the book for me at this moment.

First line: No book of the Bible has been so maligned, and so misunderstood, as the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes.
Last para: What a book! What a good God! What a life! And what a plan!

An interesting cover, having an upside-down photo of an evening sky with an outline triangle on it, suggestive of various interpretations relating to relationship with God, direction of communication, understanding of life, reversed priorities and perspectives, etc... and, of course, coping with change, as per the title. An unusually thin author typeface. Interesting that they didn't put Ecclesiastes on the spine; but I guess predicting that it'll be shelved with the commentaries anyway, and the non-Bible-book title will make it stand out.

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