Saturday, 12 March 2016

star trek

I watched Star Trek, the 2009 movie, again last night, with Maisie. I didn't give it my full attention, as I'd seen it before, but it was better than I remembered, and certainly I preferred it to any of the films in the first two volumes (originals and Next Generations).

Given that I enjoyed The Force Awakens better than any since the first (possibly including the first) Star Wars, perhaps it's JJ Abrams' magic touch.

I didn't stick with Lost, however, once I began (quite early - I didn't watch to the end of the first series) to believe that there was going to be no proper resolution or explanation for everything being thrown at us (or that those things lay very far in the future), which I find very frustrating and unsatisfying. I got the impression from what I picked up subsequently that I may have been right, though there were six series in all.