Tuesday, 8 March 2016

recording with the deutscher chor

I don’t seem to have blogged about our recording experience with the Deutscher Chor London last summer. They were recording a CD of arrangements of German folk songs, and thought it would be good to make it a double CD, with the second CD made up of other guest choirs from London singing an English folk song, and then the other choirs invited to join in the recording of a commissioned setting of a German folk song, Der Monde ist Aufgegangen. As the Morris website says, 'It's fair to say we were the least classical choir involved in the project! We were very pleased to be invited to be part of it, and think it turned out pretty well.'

The recordings were done in the church where they rehearse, and our choir's recording was done on a Saturday afternoon, immediately after the joint recording was done in the morning. We pulled our weight in the morning session in terms of attendees, there being six or seven of us there, then about twice that number for our own song recording. The morning session was stretching, as it was reading music, and also complicated by the fact that there was a children's choir there, which was lovely to have on the recording, but made the recording process tricky, as they got more tired, restless and unquiet (and there was also a delay when some missing/broken technology needed to be replaced). We finished off without them in the end.

Our own session went pretty well, I think; the sound quality in the church was good, and the engineer knew what he was doing, calmly professional. Getting us all to breathe in at the same time at the start of the verses is the thing I remember most. It was a recording that was pretty representative of us, if somewhat tighter-sounding than usual. It was My Son John, a song from the repertoire a couple of years before I joined.

There is a video from our recording session, which has come out pretty well in audio and video. There are also a pair of videos about the project and the recording of the joint song (in this playlist, along with the videos of several choirs including ours).