Thursday, 24 March 2016

murder on a honeymoon

On Wednesday 26th February 2014 we watched an old, short Hollywood movie (a B movie, I presume), Murder On A Honeymoon (1935). It was a pleasant enough, if unremarkable film, very much of its time in it acting style, and the best thing about it was, I seem to remember, the interaction between the police detective (James Gleason) and the old lady amateur sleuth, Hildegard Withers (Edna May Oliver). There's a surprisingly detailed Wikipedia entry on the film and associated films - it was part of a series, but I don't feel the need to seek any more of them out specially, though I wouldn't turn my nose up at them, or seeing Edna May Oliver and her idiosyncratic face and manner again (Wikipedia: 'When asked why she played predominantly comedic roles, she replied, "With a horse's face, what more can I play?"').