Sunday, 6 March 2016

murder is easy

[found this saved as a draft just now, from Wednesday 9 July 2014. I'm not sure what else I had thought I might add that made me not post it at the time.]

Around Tuesday 20 May [2014] I finished Murder Is Easy by Agatha Christie. Not a great one, of the kind that I don't like - amateurs unnecessarily taking it upon themselves to investigate a murder and putting themselves in danger to do so, long stretches of hypothesising about possible murderers, means and motives which are just a waste of time (but also often equally as plausible as actual solution, which always feels like cheating).

The Wikipedia entry is unusually long, with a very detailed plot summary (including ending), and extracts from several reviews, the first, most negative of which is the one I most agree with (others saying it's among her best just go to show there's no accounting for taste).