Thursday, 10 March 2016

morris's february folk club

The Morris Folk Club for February was on Tuesday 23rd. I sang California Earthquake and Peggy Gordon.

Here's the Club Facebook post with the playlist for the night.

When I shared that post on Facebook I said, 'Who couldn't love a folk club where song sources include Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Mama Cass, Taylor Swift, The Levellers and The Specials, and none of them sound out of place alongside the more typical folk songs. (I sang California Earthquake - it was I who brought Mama Cass - and Peggy Gordon.)'

When I commented on that Club post, I said, 'So many highlights last night, seems invidious to mention any in particular - but Jonathan's Gangsters and Tanja's Oj Javore sounded like they were written to be performed that way (I don't know if banjos are big in Croatian folk), and Suzanne's Boatman and Anja's Bella Mama round were lovely, and the communal singing was great.'