Tuesday, 8 March 2016

morris folk choir railway songs concert in November + two more in December

On Saturday 28 November Morris Folk Choir had our Railway Songs concert in St Barnabas Mission. It wasn’t as packed as the Drink concert, but was still pretty full, and went pretty well, I think. (Although I did make a hash of one of our small group songs’ verses, for which I apologised to my fellow group members, but they were very generous and said it was a collective effort.) I also played an instrument on one of the songs for the first time, simple rhythm guitar alongside Tanja’s banjo on Old Reuben/900 Miles (which I’d asked if I could do, as I was keen not to sing that particular song (trying to minimise singing words I’m not comfortable with singing), and was very graciously accommodated; it’s good to have a range of instrumentalists to draw on, so that the load isn’t too much on the same people all the time).

It was, I think Michelle said, notable for being the first concert in which everyone in the choir had done something solo, whether a reading at least one line in a song. There was some lovely artwork and signage created by Jen and others and used in the publicity and in the venue.

The following Saturday, 5 December, we were back there as part of the Shacklewell Community Choir Christmas concert. We were the support, essentially, although I think we probably did as many songs as they did; we did three or four train songs and a Christmas song.

Then on Tuesday 8 December we did carol singing at Waterloo station for RNIB, which went pretty well, although it is a station with announcements, which hinders the effect somewhat.