Thursday, 24 March 2016

martin carthy

On Friday 21st March 2014 Bethan and I went to King's Place for the first time, for an anniversary outing to see Martin Carthy in Hall Two.

From folk choir, Tanja was there, with her husband, and also Fiona, and I think possibly Don, though I've left this stub so long to write up that I'm no longer sure. Martin was good, and engaging, but showing his age a little; I think it was Tanja's first time to see him, and she was probably right to think that she had perhaps left it a little too late. I'd seen him before at Sharp's a few years ago, and he was certainly better then, but it was still a good evening. It was Bethan's first time to see Martin, and she liked it okay. It was a slightly formal room, but it worked well (better than Hall One, which I will be blogging about in five or six years, where we saw Dick Gaughan and seemed much more suited to a classical concert). There was no support, just two halves with an interval.

I felt what I often feel at small gigs or plays, that of all the millions of people in London, how odd that so few other people want to do the thing which is the thing which you most want to be doing on that night, and that is attending that gig or play. It gives you a sense of cameraderie, and perhaps of being part of a subculture. And then I feel this extra specially when there are other people I know or at least recognise also in the audience; this has happened particularly with folk choir members, even when we haven't organised to go together, because we often share gig tips on the emailing list.