Saturday, 19 March 2016

death of the digibox

When we came back from our half-term holiday, we found that not only had our digibox (which is what we've always called it, but I see now everyone knows as set-top boxes - the box which gave us Freeview and recording facilities) not recorded most of what we'd set it for while we were away, but that it wouldn't stay on for more than a minute or two before going dead, and before too long wouldn't come back on at all. It had always been a bit glitchy, but this seemed to be the end of the road.

In fact, when we dug out the paperwork, we'd had it for about eight years, and it had cost eighty or ninety pounds, so it hadn't done too badly.

We lost, therefore, two or three hundred hours of programmes, since we generally worked very close to the limit, often having to delete things unwatched to make room for other things.

On the Saturday after we got back we bought a new digibox and a new telly. We had to buy a new telly too since the connection cable system for tv/digiboxes had progressed since we last bought either tv or digibox. But two Christmases ago Bethan and I's present to each other was a new telly, and we'd never bought it since, so it was time.

Setting the tv and digibox weren't too bad, and they both take up a lot less room and are a lot more sophisticated than the old version - the telly in particular, being flatscreen like they all are now compared to the huge deep box of a telly we had before, and a much bigger screen. The telly also has Freeview in it, but not Smart TV nor does it record; the digibox does all three.

We're getting the hang of the system, though it's probably time to re-read the instruction manuals, now that we've been using them for a while and understand better what we're reading, and so learn new or better ways to do things.

Most of the things we lost were things I wanted to watch by myself, mostly documentaries of various kinds, one-off and series; getting time to watch things I wanted to watch by myself was always a challenge. I am resolved to record a lot less on the new system. Other than that, it was mostly crime series, comedy series and films.

Of all the things we'd recorded and lost, the only things we were keen enough on that we went back and watched on catch-up were Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which is Bethan and I's favourite comedy series, definitely the one that makes us laugh the most) and, for me, Sport Relief Bake-Off. There were some series lost which were finished (sometimes long-finished) so catch-up was not an option. I haven't strained my memory too hard to think of the things lost, so as not to be too sad, but of the things I can remember I'll look out for the latest series of Endeavour (starring the great Roger Allam), which we didn't see any of.