Friday, 5 February 2016

january's morris folk club - parcel o' rogues and life on mars?

At the January Morris Folk Club, on Tuesday 26th January, I sang Parcel O'Rogues (to mark Burns night, more or less, though he probably didn't write it), which went fine, and Life On Mars?, which we shall file under heroic failure.

I'd been looking at David Bowie songs which I wasn't far off knowing and which could work unaccompanied, and that was the nearest, but I wasn't sure it was near enough. So I hadn't planned to do it, but everyone seemed in good humour, and if I didn't do it then, then I'd never do it. I thought lots of other people would know it to, and that I'd essentially be able to lead a singalong, but when I said I knew 90-95% of it and asked who else did, it wasn't a very hopeful response, so I said I wouldn't do it, but I was encouraged to give it a go anyway. I told them if it was going badly I'd sing the other song I'd planned to do instead.

My reaching of the top note started okay, but got progressively worse throughout (it comes ten times, fact fans), culminating in the final one, which was little more than an anguished cry at failing to reach it (a moment captured for posterity by Tanja, in a photo you can see on the Morris Folk Club page).

But people seemed to enjoy it, in its own way, so that's alright (people are very kind). What is it Michelle always says - shake off your need for perfection...

It was a good night - full set list here.

Re the photo on Facebook, it was captioned 'Iain singing Life On Mars?, with the comment 'Despite appearances, the question mark is in the song title, not for the whole sentence!'. I further commented, 'I wasn't standing like this the *whole* time...' and, 'An extraordinary rendition, in the sense that a song was removed from its rightful place and subjected to cruel and unusual treatment.'

Later: here's the photo: