Wednesday, 10 February 2016

interstellar; looper

On Saturday 6 February we all watched Interstellar together in the evening. We enjoyed it.

I in particular like a thoughtful science fiction film. It was interesting how much faith it placed in the ability of scientific progress to save future us from disaster. Its climactic denouement, with fourth and fifth dimensions and time travel and save-the-world information from a black hole, got pretty confused and tangled, but at least they had a go; they weren't convincing enough on how the grown-up daughter worked out what was going on - perhaps, on generous reflection, it was related to the otherwise pointless but obviously significant speech earlier by Anne Hathaway about the part love can play in logic - and there were enormous circular paradoxes in Matthew McConaughey's time travel (actions of his own future self prompting his younger self to set off on the journey which will lead to that time travel).

The thing which took me most by surprise in the film was that the girl playing the young Murphy looked so like Anne Hathaway that I expected Anne (who I knew was in the film) to be playing the older Murphy, so it was unexpected to see Anne appearing in her actual role.

Relatedly, on Monday 30 November I finished watching Looper off the digibox. I liked it a lot - a thoughtful time-travel sf film, whose time-travel structure was carefully thought-through, and avoided the naked paradoxes of Interstellar.

They were both well-written, well done, thoughtful and interesting films which I'd recommend to anyone. (And they both have quite detailed plot summaries in their Wikipedia entries which have obviously been wrestled over.)