Saturday, 6 February 2016

a ten-year-old girl rings donald swann

Sally Phillips, in a Radio Times article (30 January) promoting radio programme Talking To Strangers:
'Radio is also the most intimate of mediums. When playwright Lily Bevan, my co-writer on Talking to Strangers, was growing up, her heroes were Joyce Grenfell and Flanders & Swann. One afternoon she looked up Donald Swann in the phone book. "I was about ten and he was in his 80s. I rang him at home and told him I liked his songs. We chatted. We got on. We sent each other cards until he died."'

The idea that you could look up a pretty famous person's number in the phone book and just ring them. A different world, alright.

Which also made me think of this Dial-a-Disc-related article by Torcuil Crichton on the death of David Bowie (English version follows the Gaelic).