Saturday, 2 January 2016

the end of the affair

On Sunday 27 December I finished The End of the Affair by Graham Greene. It was good, and interesting. Some of the plot turns seemed a bit implausible to me - and I was surprised that the key point about why the affair ends came so late, because I'd got the impression that it was very early on given how freely it is referred to, but I guess people aren't too worried about spoilers relating to books published in 1951. But - I guess like my recent Father Brown read - it is most interesting when read as a study of and reflection on matters of faith and related issues, in particular the strong draw to faith and belief there can be almost against the resistant and unbelieving will.

The Wikipedia entry gives some interesting background info, including indications that I was right to guess that the Common in question was Clapham, and that the initialled dedicatee of the book was a woman with whom Mr Greene had had an affair (the protagonist was a novelist).