Saturday, 30 January 2016

star wars: the force awakens

On Tuesday 29 December Maisie and I went with the Gilmours to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the Odeon Leicester Square. We enjoyed it fairly well.

It was, I think, my first time in the big Odeon Leicester Square; it was possibly the biggest cinema I've been in, and certainly the most expensive. It was pretty full, including many people for whom I suspect, like the Gilmours, it was not their first viewing of the film. The size of the screen makes little difference when you're sitting further back, and of course the fuller a cinema is the more people in your way (I was quite aware of the light-reflecting bald head in the seat in front of me for much of the time), moving about, making noise and eating noisy/smelly food.

It's probably the Star Wars film I've enjoyed the most since the first one. I liked, but wasn't a massive fan of, the original trilogy (The Empire Strikes Back, which many people rate as the best, I wasn't that keen on, especially because of the cliffhanger ending which is no ending to a film), and of course didn't like the prequel trilogy (I'm not even sure whether I saw the third one.

Of course, it was essentially the first film again, but with better effects and a better script. I have nothing particular to say about it. At this distance, before reading the plot summary on Wikipedia, the only particular detail I remember is remarking afterwards how the holographic big baddie looked very much like an orc. Going was a decision made that afternoon - I was originally going to go by myself in due course, as no one else in my house was interested in seeing it, but Maisie wanted to go with the Gilmours - so I hadn't refreshed my memory as to the plot of The Empire Strikes Back. Of course, this made little difference to my enjoyment of the film, and I think I got a respectable number of the many allusions which were obviously being made. (I've now skimmed the Wikipedia entry, and have nothing to add.)

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